Goddess Rising Self Care Ritual Box

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This is the Goddess Rising Box.

2020 was a year of awareness, loss and gains. This self care box is for the goddess rising from the dust as divine feminine. 


This box will ignite your your capabilities, see your prosperous future and give you confidence in any projects you start specifically a new awareness project (one you never saw yourself starting)


Pamper yourself with the utmost care. These positive infused products are filled with love, essential oils, and all natural ingredients perfect for your body along with your mental.


Comes with

(3) bath salts

- comes with 3 customized scents.

- positive infused with healing crystals and sound frequencies

- physical/mental uses: relaxes muscles and rids headaches, soothes and detoxes skin.

- spiritual uses; sucks out negative burdens,

(1) blessed and highly hydrated oil 2oz

- this is a luxurious all natural 10+ oil blend scented with essential oils.

-physically nourishes hydrates and improves overall skin

- spiritually intended to detox aura, protect from negative energies, and uplift emotional burdens.

(1) nail growth oil with refill 20ml

-strengthens nails improves nail health

- spiritual uses: awakens inner feminine energy, improves self awareness, and patience

(1) perfume roller ball 10ml

(5) beloved tea - non laxative

- soothes and calms nerves

- improves skin

- detoxes blood cells

- improves internal health