Egg-Shaped Marble Makeup Sponge

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  • Made from environmentally friendly, non-latex material, and non-toxic material.
  • Super soft feeling, well bouncy beauty sponge, easy to distinguish, do not soak up too much makeup product, and easy to clean.
  • Blending sponge turns bigger when fully wet, and absorbs minimal product so the products applies on your skin and not your sponge.
  • Bounce and blend the soft sponge to a smooth finish, dab it evenly to form gorgeous makeup. Works especially well for hard-to-reach areas to set makeup and create a smooth finish.

Used for all kinds of cosmetics including: foundation, BB cream, powder, concealer, isolation, liquid, etc. The Beauty makeup sponge leaves you looking fresh and flawless similar to any professional-styling contouring, highlighting, and concealing tool, uniform tiny pores give you a perfect makeup application, avoiding waste of cosmetics. It not only allows you to apply makeup quickly and make the makeup look natural but also helps you exfoliate. Perfect for anyone on the go.


Key Features:

  • Soft and flexible
  • Dry & wet dual-use
  • Safe for any skin type
  • Avoid the waste of cosmetics.
  • It's easy to clean and dry out
  • Made from non-latex material
  • Gives you a perfect makeup application
  • Soft feeling, well bouncy beauty sponge

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 500 reviews
    Brad Feil

    I really liked the sponge. No foreign smells. Very nice lies in the hand. How long will it last-a matter of time. I did not communicate with the seller, there was no need. But I was pleased with both the goods and the shipment.

    Emmy Purdy

    Good sponge, slightly denser than purple.

    Ricky Homenick

    Good sponge, with a barely noticeable smell, soft.

    Brendon Klein

    Thank you

    Dixie Hane

    Egg-Shaped Marble Makeup Sponge