Online marketplaces offer a way to reach more online shoppers with or without a website of your own. You’ll benefit from the marketing, traffic, exposure and the income potential. Statistics show that 75% of Canadian online shoppers are purchasing through an online marketplace, while 42% of merchants sell on them. Further research shows that 58% of Canadians discover more brands through marketplaces. So what are you waiting for?


  • Must be a 51% Black-Owned Canadian Business (we accept startups, small, medium and big businesses)
  • We also accept independent/informal sellers of beauty products
  • Must be in the beauty niche (we accept grooming, skin, yoni, hair, nails, body, accessories, cosmetics, weave and wig products, candles, etc)


  • Instant growth of Customer Base: Thousands of shoppers would see and likely purchase your products
  • Low Commission Rates: No risk or money lost when selling with us! You only pay a commission rate when your product is sold
  • No Recurring Fees: No monthly fees or hidden charges.
  • You keep and manage your own inventory
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  • You will have your own personal profile page where customers can see your products alone
  • You will get your own seller URL
  • Your profile page will have your refund policy, shipping policy, contact information, social media and anything else you want customers to know about your brand.
  • Not only can customers review your product but they can also review you as a seller. All their reviews will be displayed on your profile page
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  • You are allowed to sell your products at your preferred price
  • We take 15% of every sale earnings made through our website
  • If you make an earning, you will receive it every pay period (bi-weekly) plus the cost of shipping you charged customers
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  • Customer places an order for your product through
  • You will be notified about the order through email
  • You will prepare, package, and fulfill the order by shipping it out to the customer and inputting the tracking information into our system.
  • You will automatically get your money via Paypal on payday
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To ensure optimum transparency between us and our vendors, we have employed a Vendor Relationship Management software. This software will allow you to see your sales from our platform, earnings made, manage your products listed on our website, and input shipping information.


Your business must be registered or in the process of registering if you sell handmade products of the following:

  • Hair: Butter, leave-in, deep-conditioner, shampoos, conditioners, etc
  • Body: Soap, butter, salts, yoni etc
  • Skin: Soap, moisturizer, toner, beard oil, beard spray, etc
  • Cosmetics: Eye-shadow, lipstick, lip-gloss, concealer, foundation, etc.
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  • You will be required to make any updates to your inventory whenever there are any changes, This will be done through the vendor dashboard.
  • If applicable, you are responsible for ensuring that changes to your ingredients and formulas are communicated.
  • We have setup a slack account for easy communication. Once you are setup, we will give you access to our slack channel. You can reach us on slack and email whenever necessary.
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  • Updating and managing inventory and prices
  • Top notch customer service skills
  • Ability to handle Invoicing, Payments & Returns
  • Ability to Fulfill Orders
  • Liable for your own products
  • Providing good pictures, descriptions, videos, reviews, discounts, etc., to appeal to customers.


  • Our website will serve as a platform to get your products in front of more customers across Canada
  • We will advertise your products through our social media and our paid advertisements, sales channels (Google, Microsoft, Influencers, Facebook, & Instagram)
  • We will maintain transparency
  • We will facilitate fulfillment by making sure all products have been shipped and successfully delivered to the customers in good time.
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