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My Natural Hair Journey

Chapter 1: Avoiding the Creamy Crack

My decision to transition from relaxed to natural came after a lot of consideration. I spent years weighing the pros and cons of being natural; I needed to be sure that I was willing to dedicate the time and energy it would take to have a successful, healthy hair journey during my transitioning period. Theoretically, the big chop would be a more convenient method for going natural, but I had to consider everything that would come with chopping off most of my hair.  As a creature of habit, I did not (and still do not) see myself being content with having to rock a TWA (teeny weeny afro) indefinitely.

The first six months of my transition were relatively easy.  For years, I stretched my relaxer touch-ups to an average of every five months, so managing new growth was a breeze. I decided to continue to blow-dry and straighten my hair to blend my coily roots and my straight ends.  I wasn't concerned about having heat damage, and I felt like my journey to natural hair would be a slow process to ease myself into the journey. But by the time I was hitting one year with no relaxer, I had to let go of about five inches of hair.  A combination of stress and not knowing how to handle the amount of natural hair and relaxed hair on my head equaled a lot of breakage.  Thankfully, a bob cut had me feeling cute.

Are you trying to prevent breakage? There are different ways to retain your length and keep your hair healthy.  Strength and flexibility are essential to healthy hair, and QBeaute has a product that can help! Try Hair Honey by Kynk; a yummy conditioning treatment that will help improve your hair's strength and flexibility and can also be used to help reinforce the ends of your hair when styling.

After losing a lot of length to breakage, I got serious about taking care of my hair.  I did weekly deep treatments, using a combination of hair masks and oils that I would leave my hair for hours on end, and sometimes even overnight. My hair became so much easier to manage, and while time-consuming, it saved me from suffering from heat damage because I was still straightening my hair every week.  My hair care routine was working for me and served me for the next year and a half.

In my third year of transitioning to natural, I found myself getting extremely frustrated with the heat and my hair.  The combination of sweat and humidity had me ready to risk it all and go bald.  Now, if there is a woman who can rock a shaved head, it's a black woman, but I wasn't all that excited to find out what my head shape is, so I decided it was finally time to add another chapter to my transitioning journey: hair extensions.

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