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Beauty Tips: How To Look Your Best, Everyday

Good skincare, a good hairstyle, and a great sense of fashion can help you start the day. But what if you don't have time for all these tasks? Or what if you are about to face a challenging night like prom? We all have those days when we've had a rough night or week, and we need to be at our best fast. So here are some easy beauty tips that will have you looking your best in minutes.

Foundation - Makeup is your friend.

"Lighten up! For example, when you're out at night, layer two different shades of foundation to bring in some sun-kissed color," shares Neal Johnson, co-owner of Top 100 Massage in Jackson. You should try and apply your foundation after you have washed your face and towel-dried your hair. If you're looking for a good moisturizer, make sure you put it on after your foundation as well.

Apply eyeshadow right after applying your foundation.Use a base shade to help define your eyes if you're going for a smoky look.


Mascara - Quick fixes

Apply your mascara right after you apply your foundation. Moisturizers will help the foundation to stick better. Apply your foundation to cover all areas of your face evenly.

Hair - Get the perfect haircut

Hair-care is an ongoing process, and a bad haircut or haircut that's uneven can wreck a good mood! So having a haircut at a place like Chop Shop Salon is essential. People look up to celebrities and others for advice, and those famous people go to Chop Shop. So you want to be the first person your kids go to for advice!

Get a great haircut

Being a woman of color, my hair is naturally curly. I find that I have some natural curls that are so cute, but the straightening process is not for me. There are multiple ways to straighten your hair at home. Here are my tips. Define your hair before taking a brush through it: On a smooth, clean surface, gently rub away at the curls to loosen them and separate them.

Eyes - Mastering the art of mascara

There are several different types of mascara, each having additional effects on the eyes and how well they perform. Some great options are the waterproof mascaras that last 24 hours with a single application. Unfortunately, these tend to be the most expensive ones, and most women tend to choose. This is because they perform so well and won't run or smudge regularly. But then there are the cost-effective options that work fine with just one coat.

Lips - Getting those lips glossy

Use lip gloss and chapstick. Lips and lips are often dry, which will instantly appear less attractive. Also, try to avoid lipstick that will make your mouth look large. Matte lipsticks tend to do the job just as well. 

Brows - 

One of the best things about a well-groomed brow is the fact that you can instantly increase your facial appearance by as much as three or four shades. If you are having trouble getting a more pronounced brow, try this. First, wash your face and hair thoroughly and apply a pencil-sized amount of gel to your brow area; tap off the excess gel and sweep it in a thin, upward motion towards the ends of your brows. Work in small increments, and you will notice it will draw the brows together.

Nails - Making your nails as good as they look.

To remove polish quickly from your nails, soak them in a bowl of ice water. This will reduce the drying time. Once the nail polish is completely removed, coat them with a natural-rubbing-quality moisturizing polish for lasting results.

Lipstick - Quick brightening

Wipe some of your favorite lip stains or lipstick on your lips, and your lips will appear lighter. To get a subtle shade of orange that looks natural, you can rub a spoon of baking soda on your lips and then apply a layer of white eyeliner on top. This will make your lips appear orange and will last for about 3-4 hours.

Hair - Simple but beautiful

To brighten your hair in seconds: Apply some hot wax to your roots and let them dry. Leave the polish on your hair for about 3 minutes. Remove the wax and rinse your hair.


The point is, when you're at your best, you feel better and you're more likely to get through the day and do everything with ease. When you look good, the confidence you have isn't something you can get out of a bottle; it's about taking care of yourself and researching the best beauty products and techniques to boost your health and appearance.

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